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Cast Singles Retrospective

I’ve been following these guys for years and my favorite story about Cast is how I freaking misspelled the lead singers name for 9/10th’s of those years. “John Powers” instead of “John Power”. Laugh all you want, but it’s the truth. People make mistakes. Just like NME can on 9/10th’s of their reviews about Cast not being worth listening to. This is obviously just words on a “paper” and at the end of the day just some freelancer who was given money to say a few things after two listens. What I did with this retrospective was re-listen to all 14 songs for a full 8 hours after listening to them for years. I think if you don’t know Cast well then you might know them a little better and find some new songs to check out. We’re 5 albums in and they’re still going strong.


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Emerging from the ever smoldering embers of The La's John Power and company provide a raucous opening to the british musical fanbase. Capturing all that made The La's great while piling on even more of what we would like, but precisely different enough it's refreshing to hear what The La's could have been. John Power stands strong on his feet as a songwriter here. Crafting a beautifully catchy melody, smart lyrics while the rest of the band provide a solid rhythm section. Were you to start here on your Cast musical journey I think you'd be at least willing to hear more. The stand out part in my world is John Power's scouse in full form.