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Cast Album Review: All Change

cast band all change album coverJohn Power and Co. write albums anglophiles would sell their soul for.

You either write “albums” or write an album of singles. On this record with Alright, Finetime, Walkaway, and Sandstorm this album falls into the latter. With the 1995 release of ‘All Change’ Cast cemented themselves a place in (at least) 90’s British music history. An album of the times, surely, but one with a lot of legs.

You’ve got beautiful backing harmonies, catchy and memorable melodies, gigantic chorus’s and an effective beat all the way through on nearly every single song. Outside of the hugely popular single “Alright” singling out a song to describe and leaving out others is not doing them justice. There are numerous songs that all give the feel of the album musically, and most are single worthy.

To me “All Change” is a pop-rock masterpiece that no matter how long you listen to it never seems to lose it’s appeal.  We’re almost 20 years after it’s release and it still sounds fresh to me. As crafty as it comes with mid 90’s song writing, Cast were at the top of their game on this album. The downside of the album – and this is not even one – is that sometimes it’s a bit too happy. Some press at the time, and I’m not sure where or why this comes from, is that it’s a “tradrock,dadrock” record and I can’t disagree more. You hear influnces to be sure, but this is not your dad’s favorite bands. The sound and structure and top notch production are miles apart.  When people mention the mid 90’s music coming out of England they need to write down this band because they encompassed so much of that positive, reflective yet pushing forward, hope of the 90’s.

If this record is not in your collection then you’ve got a real treat coming to you.