Pretty Green

Can We Talk About How Awesome Electricity By Suede Is Still Totes Amazeballs?

Is this song bigger than you and me? Probabaly. I mean, this goddamn chorus and it’s “ah-ahhh” is some of the best stuff Suede has put out in my book. It’s just so Suede am I right? They of course have a bunch of other great songs, but this one along with Trash are favorites of mine. I must confess that the past 5 minutes were spent not writing but to dancing around singing both of these songs. I have a home studio in my basement with mic-stands and all. Did I diva it up? Yes. I. Did.

Don’t even judge me.

You know if you have a few cans of Guinness in you with a baby girl finally asleep and the 20 minutes of “me” time in your week right now you too would enjoy it any way you can. And with that I must conclude our night and get back on the mic….Animal Nitrate came on.

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