Pretty Green

Can We Have An Honest Discussion About Why Hardly Anyone Is Video Taping The Stone Roses Shows?

Guys. Pull up a chair and sit down. We need to talk. A serious one. We need to talk about how no one is really videotaping these shows.

How is it is possible that you go to an open air festival and noone decides to bring a phone. Is it because you were all too busy bringing good times illegal drugs in? I can’t think of leaving my house without my space phone. Please help me understand how it’s even possible that I can’t find a single video from their most recent show in Germany? I’ve been to Germany and found it an absolutely delightful, if a bit krauty, country. Full of ultra modern people driving far too fast on the Autobahn. Maybe your experience is different, but I would say that most likely my experience was common. Which brings me back to my god-damn point. Why is it so difficult for one fan, who just happened upon a ticket to some band they didn’t give a shit about, to not get handed a phone by their friend who DOES give a shit and be told to film this. I don’t get it. Help me understand you guys.