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Britpop Style File: Sonya Madan of Echobelly

Sonya EchobellyLike many of the other Britpop girls, Echobelly front woman Sonya Madan favored a casual, tomboy-inspired style. In most promo photos, Sonya was seen sporting jeans, t-shirts and Doc Martens. She occasionally donned skirts and mini dresses but seemed more comfortable in  laid-back looks. I’ve scoured the stock at ModCloth to put together an outfit worthy of Sonya’s relaxed fashion sense. With this outfit, you’ll be sure to do great things.

Fields of Clover Top from ModCloth

Book Shop Stop Jeans from ModCloth

You Tread It Boot from ModCloth

Hammer Out the Details Bracelet from ModCloth

Positive Spin Necklace from ModCloth