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Britpop Stars: Where Are They Now?

If you follow journalism news at all, you know that last Thursday Boston lost one of its alt-weeklies, the Boston Phoenix. The paper had a long run (47 years!) and covered everything from politics to the arts. To read more about the Phoenix, check out Camille Dodero’s piece on Gawker.

You are all inevitably scratching your heads asking, “That’s sad, Kayley, but wtf does this have to do with Britpop?” Well, in the summer of 2011 the Boston Phoenix did a Britpop issue. They counted down the top 100 Britpop anthems of the ’90s and also devoted a show to them on their now-defunct radio station WFNX. Yours truly was assigned the task of tracking down the old Britpop stars – both well known and not so well known – and reporting on their whereabouts in 2011. Obviously a lot has happened to our beloved Britpop stars since 2011 so this information is kind of dated but I thought our readers might be interested in checking out this piece before/if it disappears from the internet forever. A sneak peek from the article:

Louise Wener, vocalist, Sleeper: Left behind the Sleeperblokes in 1998 to pursue a writing career and motherhood. She’s written four novels, and in 2010, switched gears and published her autobiography, “Just For One Day: Adventures In Britpop.”