Pretty Green

Britpop reunion tour – who would you want to see?

It’s been mused over for years. If the Woolies bargain bin pop fodder from the 90’s have managed to scrape together a line up and market what appears to have been a shockingly successful 90’s reunion tour, then surely the Britpop revival is a no brainer?

There are bound to be reasons as to why this hasn’t happened yet but we live in hope. With the 20 year anniversary stirring up dorment love for some and merely reinforcing the love for the rest of us if nothing else, it is clear that the appreciation for Britpop in the UK and across the pond is alive and kicking.

So who would be your dream line up? There is a veritable smorgasbord of choice after seeing succesful reunion after successful reunion over the past 2 years, so who would it be?

An all girl line-up. Wener, Frischmann, Madan and Berenyi? A full on baggy Manchester revivial. Charlatans, Oasis, Happy Mondays. For me personally you couldn’t go wrong with a Bluetones, Shed Seven, Elastica, Cast, Marion 5 way.

You have to pick a line-up of 5 bands……go!