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Britpop Girl Power Anthems, Pt. I

When we think of the 90s and girl power, one group immediately springs to mind: the Spice Girls. While they were certainly fun, it was the ladies of Britpop who really showed us what girl power was all about.

Kenickie – “Come Out 2Nite”

Lauren Laverne and the girls snarl their way through this ode to girls’ nights out. “We dress cheap. We dress tacky. We dance for thrills. Our night out is getting nasty,” goes the song’s first verse. But in the end it’s all about having a wild night out with your mates: “We’ve got our gang and I know we’ll always be friends.”

Elastica – “Stutter”

Ahh yes, Elastica’s ode to drunken impotence – “Is it something you lack when I’m flat on my back?” Justine Frischmann’s frank discussion of sexual politics sounds just as refreshing in 2012 as it did in 1993.

Sleeper – “Sale Of the Century”

On one hand, “Sale Of the Century” is a sad song – the tale of two lovers on the rocks. On the other hand, Louise Wener gives us the best zinger of all time to use on ex-boyfriends that drag our names through the mud: “You said I was cheap. You were the sale of the century.”

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