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Well, well, well. Lookee what the cat dragged in.  Me! ME! Like, literally, me. M-E. I’m here, you know, just doing my thing like I used to do. Maria has the day off so you’re stuck with this guy. It’s Jamie circa 2011 just writing silly britpop stories that I didn’t proofread. It apparently disturbed some people.


Uh, No?

Do I need to even state that this website is entirely free and here for you funded by the Blanchard household? I mean, if you like to click on certain things or purchase items then you can say you are a part owner of sorts but lets be real here. R-E-A-L. My Britpop friends we’re being goofs writing about something that happened in one small part of the world 20+ years ago and because I don’t add a “y” or use a comma means you need to get your feelings swole up and comment to me on twitter? We all lose when you do this. I’d make some kind of joke about being “better than” but this scene was laughed at by some of the more pretentious folk like Justine and Brett who “invented” the scene so it was a joke from the beginning.

Nothing should be taken too seriously on this website. Ever. We’re videogum but not as funny.

I put up a “store” in the navigation. I did this for two reasons. One is I get a slight kickback if you buy something. It’s known as affilate marketing and many, many, many websites do this. And by kickback I mean something in the order of a few pennies. It’s a joke really. The Big G will penalize you if you do any kind of site selling but their ad network is based upon clicks so I have to put them where you’ll misclick to make anything. Instead of how things were done in the past like billboards on the side of the road and “impression based”. Sure, some networks do impressions but very few accept new sites and even then they still payout $5 per 1000. Do the math. I also did it because at the bottom of the page Amazon allows for you to put in text. This is called a backlink. Papa wants a backlink from Amazon so that we can somehow rank over that goddamn buzzfeed article. Seriously. I have 900 stories on this site and not one will rank enough for page one “britpop”? At least we have noel gallagher haircuts pretty well cemented.

Are you still reading? Probably not. Who cares amirite?

Lets get to real talk YOU care about.

Pretty Green had a massive sale and this writer took advantage of it. My wardrobe was pretty much retrofitted. The stupid belief that Pretty Green is overpriced (it’s not) and that you need to go and bemoan about it on one of their facebook posts only makes you look like a crotchety dude. Why do you like the page anyways? Then again I like a good complaint and love to leave some hatemail so sure, why not. Go for it. The prices are fine the way they are and when on sale are pretty great too. I’m not flash enough to buy it new so I get the complain in some form but it’s times like these that I jump in. If you’re like me just wait until the sale. They do one for every season. On the real they have some great stuff in the store designed for people who grew up in the 90’s (being 7 in the 90’s doesn’t count, sorry) and are somehow stuck in the button down prep look. Get skinny jeans and a few of these shirts so you can say hello to 2014 like me! I did an “unboxing” from some stuff I bought. You can view it here. (or laugh, whatever you like)

Now to Music. The Temples. Listen to these guys. They’re really great.

New album comes out soon.

The other band is one I’m huge into and they’re called Real Estate. Album out in March. An American band, sure. Britpop? No. But the jangly guitar and tweesque drums (my only real beef with this band), vocals, bass and song structures fit nicely into what we might have called early 90’s indie. Or maybe whatever The la’s could have turned into if Lee Mavers didn’t decide to ride the same 14 songs for almost 30 years. This is their latest single called “talking backwards”