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Britpop Bookshelf: Phonogram: Rue Brittania by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

Phonogram BritpopWe don’t often see an overlap of Britpop and graphic novels. Thankfully in 2006, journalist Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie filled the void with the first installment of the Phonogram: Rue Brittania mini-series.

The series follows Davis Kohl – a “phonomancer” who uses music as magic. It starts off in the dull, post-Britpop scene. Britpop’s old followers want to resurrect the goddess Brittania, the goddess responsible for British guitar pop. David Kohl goes on an adventure rediscovering the old Britpop bands from Kenickie to Kula Shaker. Each issue in the series is inspired by a specific Britpop record with its artwork paying homage to the original album artwork, as can be seen in the This Is Hardcore-inspired cover of the collected series.

Gillen and McKelvie certainly did their homework. You will be hard pressed to find a piece of fiction as well researched and devoted to the British ’90s music scene as Phonogram: Rue Brittania. The series is now available for purchase as a collected edition.