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Britpop Bookshelf: Parkway by Hayley Sercombe

Parkway Britpop bookIf you’re like me, you were too young and too American to experience Britpop in the ’90s. Thankfully, British author and Britpop girl Hayley Sercombe wrote the semi-autobiographical novel Parkway about the adventures of teens in ’90s Britain. It’s a fun, quick read full of references to the bands that we love. From Marion to These Animal Men, our favorite Britpop groups have a home in Parkway.

Sercombe creates characters that are highly relatable. There’s Alex the Fred Perry-sporting girl that idolizes Justine Frischmann and her Johnny Dean-wannabe boyfriend Jamie. We also meet a sexy mod girl named Tania and a lager-swilling lad named Billy. All of the Britpop players are represented in Parkway‘s cast of characters.

Parkway is a coming-of-age novel with a brilliant soundtrack. The characters maneuver early adulthood facing situations that we’ve all been in. Alex, Jamie, Tania and the rest must navigate falling in love, moving away from home, falling out with loved ones and making bad decisions all while trying to make sure they make it to the next Britpop show. If you appreciate Britpop, you will enjoy this book and smile at its attention to detail. The writing itself is not stellar but it is nevertheless an entertaining read.

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