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52 Britpop Bands to follow on Twitter not named Coldplay

Britpop Musician Twitter Accounts.

This was an amazing amount of work to do. Who says we don’t suffer for art.So if this were called art what I just did would be called suffering.

The biggest band to follow is Coldplay who comes in at 8 million and beating the next band, radiohead by a long shot. They’re not doing anything other than being Coldplay so there’s no need to follow them. They’re just the band that everyone follows. So with that said there are a few bands active on twitter and also worth following. A complete list is below however you’re on your own for facebook.

Ash – 10k followers.  Some responses and seems like a real person manning it at times.  Also follow: @timwheeler1977@darthmarkh @onionrick
Damon Albarn – 22k followers  “tune in messaging”. Reeks of band PR.
Arctic Monkeys – 312k followers. Some weird links only tweets and clipped ones too. Someone in the band tweets but they’re kind of yelling to a crowd not talking to.You know the point of social media.
Beady Eye – 84k followers. This is mostly just band marketing. Not many tweets either.
The Bluetones – 4k followers. Band links to ebay to buy stuff? Not much talking going on.
Blur – 61k followers. All band PR. Best to avoid for now unless you want more stuff from the damon feed like “watch this!” “tune in!”. To be fair they retweet @daverowntree and @thealexjames so I guess it’s active.
Buzzcocks – 6k followers. For a punk rock band from the 70’s the fact they’re even active is fucking amazing.
Cast  – John power appears here as JP (obvious). They’re active because of their latest album troubled times.
Charlatans -15k followers  Lots of marketing but they do seem to retweet fans – which is neat.
Jarvis Cocker – 23k followers. Follow him for a comedy goldmine. And also follow Not Jarvis Cocker for one too.

A post from jarvis cockers twitter account
Coldplay 8 million followers. Have fun with that.
Graham Coxon  – 73k followers. Dude actually responds to people and posts pictures of his shoes. Well worth it. <3
Dodgy – 2k Followers. They’re fairly active. Retweets stories. new album stuff in there as well.
Doves – Run by a fansite which is interesting.
Liam Gallagher 580k followers. Worth following for the noel digs though liam puts “lg” on his posts and the digs dont have lg attached. So I’m not sure if it’s him doing the digging or some marketing manager trying to start shit.
Noel Gallagher – 400k followers. Noel gallagher has said he doesn’t use twitter so this is ALL marketing.
Gene – No account :\
Happy Mondays 16k followers. Hilarious can you even think of Shaun or BEZ..on twitter. It’s minus the heavy accent though which is so sad.  call the cops.

A post from happy monday's twitter account
Inspiral Carpets – 7k followers. Active and responds to fans. They put up mostly tour related stories however.
James – No account :\
Miles Kane  – 49k followers.  For a young lad why is he not more active on this. 2 seconds of thought: showing off pictures of guitars, girls, his smile and ..oh forget it how about you guys just contact me and I WILL RUN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.
Kasabian – 75k followers. Check it out..tune tickets here. Follow for PR.
Kula Shaker 3k followers – marketing stuff. albums, win tickets. anniversary. No band
commentary really. How is crispian mills not all over this?
Manic Street preachers – 23k followers. Help me understand this feed. It looks like random potery.
Morrissey – Are you even surprised that he has a twitter feed and it was last updated in 2009. For. Serious.
Northern Uproar 300 followers. Very active. Follow these guys, nice chaps.
Oasis – hardly updated.  Just retweets noel and beady eye stuff.
Ocean Colour Scene – 10k followers. They ask questsions so engagement is good. A few responses and some content. Good stuff.
Primal Scream – 18k followers. Just content and band pr.
Pulp – 26k followers. You at least know where to buy tickets. I guess?
Radiohead – 800k followers. They follow 2 people. All band PR.
Shed Seven – 13k followers and enormously active on twitter. Follow them. They respond to fans! <3
Spiritualized – 4k Followers. Much as I love the guy I doubt jspace can even pick up a phone and do a tweet. It’s an active feed but no waaaaay it’s jason.
Suede – 10k Followers. Band content as well as pr.  Some fan RT’s.
Supergrass – no band feed but there is a Gaz Coombs account. 2k followers. They tweet a little and have a few pictures.
Super Furry Animals – 1k followers. Really? Is this even a live feed? I can’t tell.
The La’s – Nothing
The Seahorses – long time dead.
The Stone Roses – Straight band pr feed. They don’t follow a single person, retweet gigs and tours (?) and dont even respond to anyone.  CONTACT ME.
Verve – See ashcroft below.
Paul Weller – 37k followers. Recently active. Some responses to fans. Not bad!

Honorable Mentions

Tim Burgess – 43k followers. As active as it gets.

Post from Charlatans singer tim burgess
Ian Brown – 34k Followers. Not Ian but the person is engaged. Makes you wonder what is up with the stone roses feed.
Mark Gardener of Ride – 570 followers and looks like a personal news feed.
Creation Records 3k followers. Nothing yet but the label is not launched.
Matt Helders drummer of the arctic monkeys  – 36k followers. responds to people. Just seems like his own feed. True social usage like Tim Burgess.
Fran Healy – 22k followers. Lead singer of Travis another personalish feed.
Chris Helme -2k followers former singer of the seahorses. A personal feed. Nice if you’re a fan!
Tom Hingley – 2k followers. Singer from the Inspiral Carpets. Boss but lots of promotion.
Rowetta -11k followers backing *and only true* singer from the happy mondays (zing).
Clint Boon – 28k followers.Keyboards from the inspiral carpets
Mike Joyce – 5k followers. Drummer from the smiths! Personal feed as you would expect.
Idris Elba 477k followers – I don’t need a reason why I would post him here he’s just that awesome.
Little Barrie 

Hilarious but truely sad Mentions
Alex Turner – No account i dont even get this. I must not be able to find him or something.
Andy Bell Talking bad about andy makes me feel like I’m going to hell, but…2009? come on. COME. ON.
Richard Ashcroft 2 tweets from 2008. 08!! 0 Fucking 8! His website also returns an error. Write me I’ll fix that asap buddy.
Thom Yorke – >three< updates in 2 years with 286k followers. What a waste.