Pretty Green

Britpop “Artists”

When we think of our favorite Britpop stars, we usually think of their musical contributions — and rightly so. But did you know that several of our leading Britpop stars also dabble in other forms of expression like painting? It almost doesn’t seem fair that they have so many artistic talents, right?!

One of the first musician-cum-artist that springs to mind is John Squire. Best known for being the legendary guitarist for The Stone Roses, Squire also lent his artwork to the band’s albums and posters. He has an abstract style similar to Jackson Pollack. One of my favorites is the Elephant Stone artwork, which we had hanging in our house for years. When we were going through out CD collection we did briefly entertain the idea of selling the posters. You might think we’re crazy but we gave away a few of the posters for free to our friend who is newly single. We thought it might make him feel a little more at home. You can see the poster/artwork below and the pollockness of it just screams at you.  Are you a fan of it? Elephant_Stone-3 Justine Frischmann of Elastica has also become an artist. She studied visual arts at an American college and sometimes shows her work in galleries in California. I particularly like her demiurge series for its color play.

And of course there’s Graham Coxon, solo musician and guitarist for Blur. He’s created artwork for his solo albums, Blur, and other musicians as well. One of his best known pieces of art is “Apprentice,” the striking cover for Blur’s album, 13. You can even buy prints straight for Coxon’s website for reasonable prices!


Years ago there was a site that has long since gone which housed some types of posters like that but alas it’s gone so if you’re a fan of modern art like that of Squire, Frischmann, or Coxon, maybe you’d be interested in Saatchi UK to satisfy your need to put up something new. They have some great abstract art that is right in line with this style. Here’s one of my favorites by US artist Tim Hallinan.