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Britpop 90s. 2000s Pop. And It Just Won’t Stop…


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We loved the 1990s. It was like the 1960s all over again. There was a freedom in the air. And Liam and Damon had become demi-gods just as Lennon and Jagger were in their heyday. But it seems the battle for top spot from snarling frontmen are long gone. Now is the time for messy-haired popstars with a penchant for hoodies and cheeky Nandos.

That’s because according to a poll by Ladbrokes, pop music is the order of the day for the British public. The likes of Sheeran, One Direction, and Mumford and Sons ousting Alex Turner and co. from iPods across the land.

The poll, to find out the UK’s favourite amongst a variety of elements found that 26% of the nation prefers pop music to any other, shortly followed by rock on 23%.

The majority of that was made up by women, taking 58% of that 26%.

And surprisingly, in regions which gave the world Oasis, the Stone Roses, Pulp, and Arctic Monkeys it was the northern cities of Manchester and Leeds which made up the majority of pop lovers.

With such musical history when it comes to rock music, it’s rather surprising 40% of the Leeds public prefer pop music. Leeds Festival has been entertaining residents since 1999, bringing the likes of the Libertines, Guns N’ Roses, and Metallica to Yorkshire, whilst The Who and The Rolling Stones have both played infamous gigs in the city.

Of course with rock only three percent behind in the vote, rock and roll certainly is far from dead, and with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Charlatans, and Miles Kane still releasing great material, there’s something for the mere 23% of the nation.