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Brett Anderson Is Not Playing In LA Next Week

Someone named Brett Anderson is on the lineup for a Rolling Stones tribute show at the Satellite in Los Angeles next week. One of my Twitter followers told me that it was our Brett Anderson — you know, the Fringe King. As there are quite a few Brett Andersons out there, I contacted Suede’s management directly to confirm the story. Alas, sad news Californians: it’s not our Brett. Considering the lead singer of the Donnas is also named Brett Anderson, it could very well be her. Maybe it’s even the Oakland A’s pitcher of the same name — He! Can start! To play ball! …When he wants.

This incident reminded me of a holiday season in my former home of Boston. Someone called Suede was playing a New Year’s Eve show in Providence, RI. We quickly learned it was the lounge singer that sued Suede thus earning them the moniker “The London Suede” in the US. Obviously it was quite a disappointment and a few of us debated going to Providence to pelt this fake Suede with copies of Dog Man Star.

UPDATE: I just received word that it is in fact Brett Anderson from the Donnas.

And in conclusion: being an American Suede fan sucks.


Not the Fringe King

Brett Anderson

Not the Fringe King


The Fringe King

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