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Blur’s Modern Life is 20: The Music Videos

Let’s continue our celebration of the 20th anniversary of the brilliant Blur album, Modern Life Is Rubbish, shall we? Blur have some of the best music videos from the ’90s, and the three that were released from Modern Life are no exception.

For Tomorrow

British Image 1. This cinematic black and white video was shot in London with scenes of Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column, and Primrose Hill, where it’s windy enough for the boys to fly their kites. The best part is the candid shots of Londoners during the sing-along chorus. Check out my favorite la-la person at 1:52!

Chemical World

Goats. Graham. Snails. Alex. Rabbits that Damon almost sits on. Dave. It’s kind of like a weird David Attenborough documentary but with Blur.

Sunday Sunday

British Image 2. ‘Sunday Sunday’ is an ode to traditional British Sundays, and the video is the very essence of that lazy day. According to Blur, Sundays are all about football, maniacally carving up your dinner, and making pervy faces in motor homes.


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