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Blur’s Modern Life is 20: Live in Rimini, 1993

We’ve been celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of the most influential Britpop albums, Blur’s Modern Life Is Rubbish. There’s much to be excited about in Blur Land these days. Last week, we learned that the band will attempt to record a new album during their layover in Hong Kong. Like the twenty year gap between Suede’s debut and Bloodsports, Blur’s potential new album would be released twenty years after their seminal album. Did you think your favorite Britpop bands would be going strong with new material decades later? Are there any current British bands you expect to be around in 2033?

There’s no time like the weekend to relax with an intimate Blur performance from Rimini, Italy 1993. Note: Certain parts are a little strobe-y.

Intermission / Popscene    |    Colin Zeal    |    Sunday Sunday    |    She’s So High

Girls & Boys — It’s about having sex with tourists   |   Bank Holiday   |   Pressure on Julian   |   There’s No Other Way

Chemical World    |    Coping    |    Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made For Two)    |    For Tomorrow    |    Advert


Britpopping since I first heard 'Animal Nitrate' in 1993

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