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Blur’s Modern Life is 20: 5 Brilliant B-Sides

Modern life is still rubbish, so let’s treat ourselves to some amazing Blur b-sides. It wouldn’t be fair to limit our praise to album tracks on Modern Life, which turned 20 last Friday. By virtue of having a lot of singles, Blur have had an excessive amount of fantastic b-sides. Here are some of the best resulting from Modern Life‘s three singles. These selections might be controversial since the band deemed roughly half my choices to be their worst. Awfully picky, aren’t they? What are your favorite b-sides from Modern Life?

1. When The Cows Come Home

This b-side from the ‘For Tomorrow’ single plays like ‘Country House’ part 1.

2. Into Another

Another b-side from ‘For Tomorrow.’

3. Young and Lovely

A ‘Chemical World’ b-side the band has been dedicating to their children during live performances in recent years.

4. Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Made For Two)

This one is from the ‘Sunday Sunday’ single. Here, Damon sings a song that was composed 101 years before Blur recorded it. The band do a marvelous modernization of this quintessentially English tune. Graham Coxon might consider this and ‘Let’s All Go Down The Strand’ to be Blur’s low points (really? lower than their cover of ‘Maggie May’?), but undeniably Blur do a better job of it than HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey!

5. Let’s All Go Down The Strand

Another ‘Sunday Sunday’ b-side. This one is a rollicking version of a 99 year-old dance hall number.


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