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Blur Unsure Of Their Future

AjamesReunited Britpop legends Blur can’t decide how long they should carry on as a group. Bassist Alex James spoke to the Daily Star about their lack of concrete future plans. When asked how long the band would stay together he said, ‘You’re guaranteed to get a different answer depending on which one of us you ask and what day of the week it is.’ Apparently, communication is not the band’s forte. ‘We’re bad at talking to each other but there’s a lot of love in the room,’ explained James.

He added, ‘I have no idea how long we’ll carry on. Being in Blur now feels just like it did at the beginning. There’s no pressure. We’re playing better than ever. Every show has been wonderful.’

Indeed, their performances seem better than ever. Without the pressure to break America and have charting singles, and the media’s insistence on band rivalries, Blur are free to do as they please. In proper fashion, the band made their first appearance in Hungary on August 10 when they took to the stage at Budapest’s Sziget Festival. Despite the fact that they feel like a whole new Blur since reuniting, the bandmates offer contradictory statements about whether they will continue after touring Australia next January.

It was reported in July that Blur would begin to work on a highly-anticipated new album, which would be their first since 2003’s Think Tank. Sessions will commence after singer Damon Albarn releases his first solo studio LP. The band have released several songs since Graham Coxon resumed his guitar duties in 2008, including ‘Fools Day,’ ‘The Puritan,’ and ‘Under The Westway.’

James also said that Blur’s four year hiatus rejuvenated the band because they all pursued personal projects and interests in the interim. ‘When Blur stopped, we needed to do our own thing. It’s a source of delight to all of us that our music endures. We get excited when we play.’ Playing London’s Hyde Park last summer gave the band a ‘new hunger,’ according to James. Hopefully, they will decide as a group to continue to whet that appetite for a long time.


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