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Blur : Top 13 B-sides/Rare tracks

Well I was just bustin’ and dronin’ like a beached whale on a winters day,
When I decided to go down to the record store to peruse and be on my way.
But something stopped me dead in my tracks.
The Blur 21 box set was shimmering behind the counter
Like luminous light through the cracks
Oh peter! I began to panic. My heart started to flutter.
Then excitement proceeded to melt my dizzy brain into another.
So I asked the long legged cashier nonchalantly,
“Tell me tell me how much will that bad boy over there cost me?”
He shocked me with the horrors and replied, “About two hundred.”
With my bonebag hanging over he said, “But I’ll save you one, kid.”
So I cast a spell for money knowing what I had to do.
Until some glad morning came and the box set was finally mine! Woohoo!
Well after countless hours of enjoyment from listening to the box set in its entirety.
Followed by much consideration, deliberation, and anxiety.
I here now present to you.. Blurs top 13 B-sides!
So good they could blow away other bands best albums like seagulls by the seaside.
A beast all on their own like Briggite Bardot’s beehive.
Songs that will soon become a part of your life like your favorite pair of Levis.
But don’t take it from little old me. Go listen for yourself and decide.

13. Close

12. No Monsters In Me

11. So You

10. Theme From An Imaginary Film

9. Explain

8. Inertia

7. Supa Shoppa

6. Colours

5. All Your Life

4. Sir Elton John’s Cock

3. Young & Lovely

2. Tame

1. Under The Westway

As a kid I used to listen to R&B and rap. Until Nirvana and Pearl Jam came out and I was all into that. Then one day Britpop was born and Noel Gallagher told me, "Don't look back" I also write songs and play bass in a gang called far*out.

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