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Blur Smart Phone App – I Should Download This Because..??

Lets talk about some news shall we?

Blur released an Iphone app yesterday. Don’t try to find it by doing such a simple search as “the blur app” though. You know, the name of the app. That’s far too simple. Search out instead “Emi Records” and you’ll find it there. To be honest I totally thought that would be the way and was SUCH a moron for not thinking of it in the first place! Moron Alert!

So lets talk about this app. What does an app for a band do exactly? Especially a band so at odds with itself? I mean, what’s the deal with Blur? Not really. Blur is fine and so is their music.

But this app? Not so much.  It provides you nothing new or even different other than showing off you’ve got a blur app on your iphone.  I’m all for bands making apps and if they want to continue making app’s like that then so be it. Surely there are people out there who will find benefit and in that sense it will be a success. However I would like to understand who exactly you’re marketing to and where exactly is the return on investment in all this?

Download if you like, but you probably won’t use it much and it will be relegated to the 3rd iphone page along with my Noel Gallagher app.