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Blur at Coachella 2013

For those of us not lucky enough to see Coachella headliners Blur in the sweltering Californian desert last weekend, footage has already emerged from their set. If these videos are any indication, this performance was AMAZING!!! Check out the full concert and/or select highlights.

Watch Blur’s entire hour-long set below. The setlist is: Girls and Boys / There’s No Other Way / Tracy Jacks / Beetlebum / Out Of Time / Trimm Trabb / Caramel / Coffee & TV / Tender / Parklife / Song 2 / This Is A Low / Sing / For Tomorrow / The Universal

‘Girls and Boys’ — What an opener! Alex has his rock star swagger back.

They flew Phil Daniels in to sing one song?!

‘This Is A Low’ — This was a pretty intense performance. Damon’s face is an enigma. Kind of wonder what he was thinking about.

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