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Blur and Elton John’s C*ck

Did you buy the Blur box set 21? It was released last summer chronicling the band’s vast career. I have not yet purchased it but apparently it contains a rare Blur track called “Elton John’s Cock.” This is quite an… err… unique title for a song. I’m sure when the members of Blur anointed this track with said title they never thought they would have to explain themselves to Sir Elton John himself. Unfortunately, bassist Alex James found himself in this uncomfortable position. From Contact Music:

“I bumped into Sir Elton and he said, ‘What’s all this I hear about you and my c**k?’

”I didn’t know him well enough to tell him the proper answer.”

The 43-year-old musician claimed the track was given the name because it was ”too sentimental”.

2013 is certainly shaping up to be the year of bizarre Britpop news stories!

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