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Blur Album Review: Think Tank


My least listened to Blur album.

Forever connected to the Gorillaz effort this album is always missing something for me. Maybe Damon was indeed saving songs for Gorillaz, or just that Graham’s departure was that distressing for the band. I say this because there are a few great tracks, but a lot of truly terrible ones mixed with some not memorable ones that totally taints my enjoyment of the album’s flow.

Things start off really great with “Ambulance” and then “Out of time”. Then you get to the Norman Cook produced “Crazy Beat”. What is this terrible chant “crazy beat, crazy, yeah yeah” nonsense? For me it’s a bit like the Stone Roses at Reading Festival with “come on clap your hands!”. There’s no place for this in Blur. And what’s with the lazy “X song” song titles here. “Sweet Song”, “good song”, uh no. That’s so lazy why would you ever name them that? The crazy thing to me is that “good song” is good, but I can’t shake how lazy it is titled and this issue is so totally on me it’s silly. You’ll probably like it.

Brothers and Sisters” is a good beat but we get that vocal stuff from “Crazy Beat” cropping in again. What I’m saying is Normal Cook STAY AWAY FOREVER.  “Gene by Gene” is some kind of Massive Attack song which is good but Blur is not Massive Attack. The single song that has Coxon credits on the album “Battery in your leg” is some of the truly most dreadful shit I’ve ever heard. Editor’s Note: save the combination of various unconnected noises and dumb vintage instrument melodies for the band Gomez. “Jets” has no place on a Blur album proper and is total b-side material. To me nearly all this album is B-side material.

Granted I’ll give you that there are a few good song worth digging through – as with any Blur album – but the bad ones are really bad for me. For my money I’d go back and cherry pick songs here and just put this down as a “sad ending” to a great band.