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‘Blue’: Elastica vs. The Verve vs. Monaco

Elastica – Blue

The quintessential Britpop girls (and Justin Welch) explode with another punchy, angular post-punk blast of noise. It’s pretty, it’s dirty, it’s Elastica.


The Verve – Blue

Wigan-based The verve have cornered the market on hazy, slightly mystic soundscapes. And this song is classic Verve. ‘Blue’ was the first single from their 1993 debut, A Storm In Heaven. The song is minimalistic with loops in the introduction and reverse guitar parts that give it a psychedelic sound.


Monaco – Blue

Bassist Peter Hook formed Monaco with David Potts during his hiatus from New Order in the mid-1990s. Since they were formed shortly after the release of New Order’s Republic, which featured the single ‘Regret,’ Monaco’s sound was frequently quite similar. The first single from their debut Music For Pleasure, ‘What Do You Want From Me?,’ is often mistaken for Hook’s more famous band. ‘Blue,’ however, is a bit of a departure that is similar to the short and sweet acoustic solo work by Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds.


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