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Best Britpop Guitar Moments

Here is a list I can get behind.

Music Radar put together a list of 13 Best Britpop Guitar Moments and I have to say that it’s a really good list. Normally I find myself disagreeing with others’ “best of” lists because they are so subjective. These best of Britpop lists also always tend to include some minor hitter like Menswear – which is fine if you like the band, but really? The best? I think not.

My list my differ a little from this one (and I’d certainly put “Live Forever” at #1 because that is likely Noel Gallagher’s finest moment) but these are all solid songs with great guitar bits and well worth another listen. Nice to see Oasis representing because if any guitar band defined the genre, it was them, like it or not.

Check it out over at the Music Radar site.

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