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Beady Eye Guitarist Gem Archer Breaks Leg

GemArcherIt was revealed yesterday that Beady Eye guitarist Gem Archer has suffered further injury during the rehabilitation period following his August skull fracture. A source has told the Sun that Archer had to have a metal pin inserted into one of his legs and will spend four months in a plaster cast after a recent accident at home that resulted in a broken leg. ‘Gem’s on a bad run of luck right now,’ the Sun quoted its source. ‘First the fall down the stairs and now this. He can’t even explain how it happened, it was just a freak accident. His leg gave way under him and just went. He’s got a double fracture to the tibia and fibula, the two long bones in the lower leg.’

Beady Eye cancelled all of their August engagements, including their anticipated V Festival appearance, after it was announced that 46-year-old Archer had suffered severe head trauma in an accident at home on August 1. After a week in hospital under intensive observation, he was released to his home for recovery. There was speculation about whether Archer would be fit to perform with the band for the remainder of the year. Beady Eye and Archer’s wife appeared to have differing opinions on his recovery progress.

Earlier this month, the band issued a statement insisting that Archer was making a ‘full recovery’ in time for their upcoming UK and Ireland tour kicking off in Dublin on November 7. In a message to fans, they said: ‘We are buzzing about getting back on stage for the UK and Ireland dates in November. ‘

Beady Eye’s assessment of Archer’s progress was, at the time, more optimistic than that put forward by the guitarist’s wife, Lou Archer, on Twitter. In a series of replies to supporters and well-wishers, she revealed the guitarist was still ‘very poorly,’ but said that, ‘slow and steady, he’s getting there.’ When asked whether the musician would be ready to rejoin the band before the end of the year, she wrote, ‘I really don’t know. He needs to mend, how long it will take I’m not sure. He’s a tough cookie.’

We’re awaiting an official confirmation of this story from Beady Eye HQ and will update as more information becomes available.

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