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Beady Eye Album Review: Different Gear, Still Speeding

Beady Eye Different Gear, Still Speeding album coverForever compared to Oasis and Liam’s “best” moment – the “Morning Glory” album – this band and album is content to be placed into either of those categories.

Well, kind of.

You’ll never be able to shake being Liam and having that voice, but this album evokes a different attempt at the rock formula Oasis implemented. On the 2011 release “Different Gear, Still Speeding” There are still the Beatles influenced easy lobs with: Beatles and Stones, and Mourning Son, the latter with it’s overused “na, na’s”, but there are newer elements never treaded before with “Four Letter Word”. The lead single “Bring The Light” with it’s Jerry Lee Lewisesque piano doesn’t work on the recording, but works tremendously live. The same struggle Jerry Lee faced by the way.  “The Roller” is an instant classic and fan favorite sing along. “The Beat Goes On” is Andy Bell accepting he used to write top notch tunes for Ride – good to see you back on top of your game Andy. The quality of the vocals is something to be spoken about too. Liam’s vocal decay has been noted, but this record puts him into a zone where what he is capable of singing he does and does well. It’s beautiful to see him back on top of his game too. Different Gear, Still Speeding is a bit long in the tooth being a 13 track album, but it works for Beady Eye. It’s some nod back to the 60’s where bands just piled on the songs because they could.

Time will tell if these are just leftover Oasis era songs, or signs of a new band. With as talented of song writers as there are in the band I’m going to guess not even in the slightest. This album is a real grower and like a fine wine is aging really well. Bring on more Beady Eye – I’m a fan!

You can buy Different Gear, Still Speeding here.