Pretty Green

Bands We’re Excited About: The Laurels

A shoegaze band from Australia? YES. PLEASE.

Let me put this another way: More fun from the folks down under! YAY! The land of Oz! The land where 9/10th’s of the living creatures can kill you in horrible unspeakable ways while you sleep or frolic in the sea. The largest island that is also a continent. Those accents! Don’t you just want to squeeze them! Kem Rah! Queeeestions! 

But Shoegaze from down-under? Really? I mean, what do these guys have to be so miserable about? I don’t know! Fosters beer is quite terrible I guess? I would know because I’ve never had it.  And wouldn’t you be really ticked if you had to hear every foreigner say “GOOD DAY MATE” and not g’day then promptly ask for a goddamn Vegemite sandwich because of some catchy song from the 80’s.  (editor’s note: I actually love this song; don’t judge)

On a serious note, if you like the Ride “Nowhere” side of shoegaze then I think you’ll really like these guys.

Merry Go Round

Black Cathedral