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Bands We’re Excited About: Jetman Jet Team


Cosmic Age:

Jetman Jet Team came in on a tip from Facebook and I have to admit that the inner jerk in me said based on the name alone “oh this is going to be terrible”. I couldn’t be more wrong. Well, that is if you like Shoegaze. You should. Everyone does. The above video is the song I like the most. Below are two others I think are worth checking out.

Check out the underground road trip video to Corrosive. I dig that this is a home-movie from the band (or so I presume). Bands, this is what you should be doing when your music is the “soundtrack” to people’s lives. Don’t acid trip me with lens-flares or star-wipes, just make some totally mundane footage and slap the audio overtop.

And then Albatross:


I’d like to end this with a link to their website: and facebook page: