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Band We’re Excited About: The History of Apple Pie

Do you like the band Lush? If your answer is yes, then read along. London’s History of Apple Pie (admittedly, their name is a bit of a mouthful) picked up right where Lush left off. This female-fronted dreampop band creates ethereal tunes reminiscent of the songs we heard on Spooky, Split, Gala, and Lovelife. Lead singer Steph has a higher pitched voice than Miki Berenyi, but it definitely works with this post-shoegaze sound. I’ve been obsessed with the History of Apple Pie’s song “Before You Reach the End” ever since Michael sent it my way yesterday morning.

You can catch the History of Apple Pie on tour throughout the summer in the UK. Their debut album, Out of View, was released in the US and UK in late January. For more information, check them out on Tumblr and Twitter.

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