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Azealia Banks vs. the Stone Roses

Young stone roses picture

picture by ian tilton

In a news story more bizarre than the one where Brett Anderson told the NME about an upcoming Stone Roses album, rapper Azealia Banks is engaging in a Twitter feud with some old dudes from Manchester. From the NME:

Both acts are currently playing the Future Music Festival in Australia and, judging by Banks’ Tweets, her anger stems from claims she has made that the Manchester band tried to sabotage her set by checking their equipment while she was performing.

I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering if the next feud will be Nicki Minaj vs. Luke Haines or possibly Rhianna vs. Jas Mann. Also, Azealia Banks missed a great opportunity to comment on the Stone Roses’ music — could have called them old and baggy instead of old and saggy. LOL. I’ll be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

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