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‘Autograph’: The Charlatans vs. Bernard Butler

When you’re famous, everyone wants a piece of you. Paparazzi cameras flash, and fans constantly hound you for autographs. Which of these ‘Autograph’s would you prefer?

The Charlatans – Autograph

The Charlatans reached new heights of bagginess with their 1994 album, Up To Our Old Hips. The Charlatans’ ‘Autograph’ is a mellowed-out psych-shoegaze stomp that would make for an amazing summer fest sing-along.

Bernard Butler – Autograph

1998’s People Move On finally has ex-Suede guitarist Butler moving on to his solo debut. Both the guitar intro and outro of ‘Autograph’ is trademark Butler, yet more proof (if you needed it) that he is one of the most intuitive guitarists since Johnny Marr. This album is what Dog Man Star‘s follow-up might have sounded like had the original line-up soldiered on. While his singing is not as distinctive as former bandmate Brett Anderson’s, he does have a pleasant enough voice, which is reminiscent of Colin Blunstone of the Zombies.

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