Pretty Green

Autobahn 66 is a really damn good song.

Tell me how you feel about The Primal Scream song Autobahn 66 so long as it’s only positive.

I really like this song. It starts with that driving drum loop. There’s just enough variety with the high hat and the flange that it never gets old. The bass line is tight and resides nicely against that beat. The subtle guitar that comes fits perfectly into that trance guitar setup without being too psychedellic. There is a great change on guitar that occurs after a few bars that adds a nice layer then repeats back to the intro. It all then cuts out to just Bobby’s vocals in that space his voice totally fits. Then that cute keyboard comes in. The song then bounces back and forth with subtle changes of all the parts compiled together like a perfect puzzle. I’m a fan. You better be too.

But then again I really like Primal Scream.

Here’s an offical recording too…