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The Pigeon Detectives Album Review: We Met At Sea

I remember standing in Bramham Park in August 2011 eagerly awaiting the next act on the Main Stage at Leeds Festival. Glancing to my left I was confronted by n less than the unmistakeable curly locks of Pigeon Detectives frontman, Matt Bowman. I’d followed the rise of the Yorkshire five piece since 2006 and to […]

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Putting the ‘Pop’ in Britpop

We’ve all been there; cornered by a younger sibling/cousin/neighbour and being asked the question, ‘Do you like (insert indie pop band here)?’ We’ve also all given the same shallow, hipster answer of ‘No way! They’re way too poppy for me.’ In this article, I am going to look to dispel this prejudice we have against […]

‘Second Album Syndrome’ – Myth or Matter?

As my music taste developed in the 21st century and I began to discover new bands on my own, I often found myself rueing the day a band announced the release of their second studio album. This was because somewhere deep inside me I had decided that second albums were the key to a band’s […]

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Johnny Marr Album Review: ‘The Messenger’

Though the Smiths split up over a quarter of a century ago, this is Johnny Marr’s first solo album. After various stints in other bands – the most recent of which being working with The Cribs on their album ‘Ignore the Ignorant’ – Marr has finally decided to take to the studio with just him […]

The Courteeners Album Review: ‘Anna’

So The Courteeners are back with their third studio album Anna. In that case let’s prepare ourselves for a competent, though unadventurous, indie album comprising of catchy riffs and overly rhyming lyrics that anyone more than thirty miles from Manchester City Centre will struggle to comprehend or relate to… Hold on… This one is different […]