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B-side Yourself – Blur – Popscene (live at Peel Acres)

B-side Yourself – Blur – Popscene (live at Peel Acres)

I didn’t really rate blur and until Beetlebum I was firmly in the Oasis camp. Something about blur’s fifth album really got under my skin though. I found it exciting, dark and intriguing. I bought the On Your Own single and this version of Popscene is the first version I heard. The recording really captures […]

Gig Review – Suede Alexandra Palace 30/03/13

I had been to the Ally Pally once before in 2005 to see Embrace and my memory of it was that the sound was echoey and not really clear enough. Therefore I told my companion to the Suede gig that it was vitally important that we should get as close to the stage as possible. […]

Gig Review – Suede and Palma Violets

  Even as a hardened Suede fan I find it hard to defend A New Morning. Obsessions is pretty good and Positivity is sweet as well. Aside from that I much prefer the album that Brett made with Bernard in 2005 Here Come The Tears. That is much closer to the classic Suede sound for […]

Mansun EP Two 03/06/96

The second Mansun EP is easily the most raucous. Remember the joy of turning up the gain on your first electric guitar? Paul and Chad do and they let rip with Stove and Hib (Tony McCarroll to Andie Rathbone’s Alan White) giving punky support. Take It Easy Chicken features Chad’s trademark ‘strangled chicken’ guitar noise […]

Mansun EP One 25/03/96

Chad dirties up his sound over Hib’s baggy beats as Paul recites the most messed up nursury rhyme since Humpty Dumpty. Ski Jump Nose is a call to arms for misfits. We’re all in this together. Keep it together. You ragamuffins! Lemonade Secret Drinker beckons you to a dismal pub corner and tells you how […]

The Cribs Promo Shot

The Cribs – Payola. Alternate Best Of Tracklist.

Out of curiosity I’ve been on Amazon to look at the tracklist of The Cribs best of ‘Payola’ which is out Feb 25th. I love The Cribs and really want their best of to do them justice. It nearly does, but there are too many filler tracks and the album seriously runs out of steam […]

Ash Album Review – A-Z Vol. 1 (2010)

The first single I ever bought was Girl From Mars. I first heard it on the infamous blur vs oasis chart rundown on radio 1 in 1995. Being an oasis fanatic the loud guitar noise was enough to convince me. The album which followed 1977 is a britpop masterpiece full of fizzy guitar hooks. However […]

Head Music by Suede

Suede Album Review – Head Music (2011 Reissue)

When Suede announced that they would be reissuing all of their albums as deluxe 2CD + DVD editions it was a no brainer that I would definitely be getting the first two. Suede and Dog Man Star have staggering moments and most of the b sides are sensational. Then there was Coming Up, the first […]

Dodgy Album Review – Free Peace Sweet

On New Years Eve 2009 I played the album Free Peace Sweet by Dodgy for the first time in over ten years. I was struck by how damn good it was and it shot right up my all time favourite list, I felt bad that I’d been ignoring it for so long. I was on […]