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Best Dressed Britpop Bands

Best Dressed Britpop Bands

                    As all Britpop fans know it isn’t just the music which creates the overall scene, its the competition between bands to be the best dressed. In the 1960s we had The Kinks versus The Beatles, with The Small Faces and The Who leading the new smartly […]

What Is The Best Oasis Single?

Although this is a very much debated question have you ever considered which one of the 32 Oasis singles is the best? Gone are the days when a single contained three B-sides. But the question is: should this be the main factor  taken into consideration when comparing singles? For example the second Oasis single “Shakermaker” contained three B-sides of immense quality in […]

Arctic Monkeys: ‘AM’ Preview

The evolution of the Arctic Monkeys is clear for all to see . From the humble beginnings of a stripped back Sheffield indie rock outfit the band have adjusted, experimented and evolved their sound album upon album, even entering the realms of psychedelic ballads and funky R’n’B. With the release of their 5th studio album, “AM” due for release on the 9th of September this […]

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Oasis MK1 vs Oasis MK2 (2015 Reunion)

Oasis MK1 vs Oasis MK2 (2015 Reunion), a contest of epic proportions! Since the split of Oasis back in 2009 the music industry has been missing something. All Oasis fans know that if the band reformed for the 20th anniversary of “What’s The Story (Morning Glory)” then there would almost certainly be an argument for which […]

Miles Kane and Suki Waterhouse

3 Songs Which Define Miles Kane

Miles Kane has certainly made an impact on the music business since he burst onto the scene with the fantastic last shadow puppets in 2007 (a critically acclaimed collaboration with long time friend Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys). He then moved on to release his fabulous debut album ‘Colour Of The Trap’. The album, inspired by mod themes of […]