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3 Great Ian Brown Solo Songs

Say what you will about Ian Brown’s voice or vocal capabilities the man does know how to craft a tune. He was extremely prolific in his solo career producing 6 albums and 18 singles in just over a 10 year span.   1. Golden gaze At the start of his quasi dance rock eletronic path […]

Lets All Listen To ‘In The Morning’ By The Coral

Hey you guys.  I know sometimes we stretch the limits of what is Britpop to be anything that is from the land masses off the north-western european coast and the Coral fall kind of into that zone for obvious reasons. That’s because they’re from Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula. Because of that, that means..well you […]

B-Sides Yourself: Blur – No Monsters In Me

Love it or hate it The Great Escape produced some amazing b-sides from Blur. A stand out for me from that period is “No Monsters In Me” From “The Universal” single. I like how this is almost the complete opposite sound coming out of The Great Escape’s album. It’s crunchy driving guitar, lazy to hyper […]

Thom Yorke Dancing

Lets All Watch Thom Yorke On Jonathan Ross

Thom Yorke played Jonathan Ross last month! Wossy!  On the show he played one his Atom’s for Peace song’s “Ingenue” and “Karma Police”. Personally I’ve not listened to any Atom’s for Peace songs. This is mostly because I’ve been listening to Radiohead for the better part of 14 years and took a self-imposed extended break. […]

Friday Flashback: The Only One I Know

Fresh off the heels of The Stone Roses and somehow managing to write a catchier and more accessible early 90’s dance rock (aka Madchester) song.  This song catapulted The Charlatans to fame in the UK.  All parts have equal moments of shine such as the lead guitar solo, the chugging motown bassline, and drum and […]