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On The Greatness of Noel Gallagher

On The Greatness of Noel Gallagher

I’m a fan of Noel Gallagher in nearly every way possible. I buy the attitude hook line and sinker. I make apologies for any statement he makes that might be offensive and there’s nary a song he’s written that I don’t enjoy. Obviously some more than others. I mean “I can see a liar” is […]

Help Support Britpop (news)

Hi everyone! It’s me! ME! Jamie! I’ve been away from things because of how awesome Maria is. So hello from the past! She’s awesome! Some background on what has been going on here, feel free to skip over it. I say this because she’s taken over most of the news stories and hopefully you’re enjoying […]

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News In Pictures: Texts from Jarvis Cocker

Now that the new IOS is here I felt it right to release these hilarious texts I received from a not so real Jarvo Cocker. This is intended as satire and are not actual texts from Jarvis cocker. Text conversations are inspired from Lyrics created by Jarvis Cocker through songs published by Rough Trade and […]