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Home for the Holidays? Watch some Telly!

Home for the Holidays? Watch some Telly!

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time for some long-awaited R&R and a break from the daily grind! If you’re looking forward to putting your feet up with a box of festive chocolates positioned strategically close to hand and some prime Christmas viewing to enjoy, then you won’t be disappointed. This season, […]

Up In Smoke? Nope! E-Cig Product Review

Cigarette smoking is a thing even in 2013 despite years of education showing how immensely horrible it is to one’s health. Living in a working class town and enjoying walking I run into this glaring fact every single day. So that’s where electronic cigarette’s come in. Noel Gallagher commented on the Muse drummer smoking a “e-cig” […]

Style Profile: Jake Bugg

Young songwriter Jake Bugg is wearing a Bottle Green Stripe Collar Pique Polo in the video “Two Fingers”. Here’s a screen cap below. We’ve written a little about Jake here and are mostly fans. Some songs better than others but on the whole worthwhile. My opinion is i’d like to see what he does on […]

Charlatans UK Up To Our Hips

5 Charlatans Songs You Should Listen To

The Charlatans (also known stateside as The Charlatans UK due to legal issues) have had quite a prolific career. They seemed to outlast everyone. Maybe that speaks to the brighter the flame the quicker one burns out, or maybe it doesn’t mean anything at all. The Charlies seems to survive Madchester, Britpop, Post Britpop and […]

Move to the Music: from the phonograph to the iPod

Portable music devices have taken myriad forms over the decades. The phonograph is seen by many as the pioneering technology that allowed music to move into different rooms of a home. The concept of musical mobility was so novel and so attractive to all types of people that the technology continued to innovate and does […]