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Jarvis Cocker: Your Britpop Style Icon

Jarvis Cocker just oozes with sex appeal, from his hip-swielving dances to his seductive voice. His outfits, while not over the top, still manage to draw attention, to the point where he won, in the same year, both NME’s Best Dressed and Worst Dressed. His style blurs the line between tacky and classy, garish and […]

Four New British Bands to Keep an Eye On

If you’re on this site it is because you still cling to what maybe you refer to as the ‘heyday of British pop music’. When it comes to 2013 music, you still can’t stop talking about Suede’s Bloodsports [it was great, of course] and you read The NME because they, like you, constantly fixate on […]

B-Side Yourself: Pulp – His ‘N’ Hers

His N Hers somehow didn’t make it onto the album of the same name but was rather stuck at the end of the Sisters EP which served as the ‘Babies’ B-side. The song, which stretches on for six minutes, has all the synthy bounce of Babies mixed with the coy, tragically glamourous sex appeal of […]

The Verve Album Review: A Northern Soul

Written and recorded while on ecstasy, 1995’s A Northern Soul is the unrelenting rock follow-up to The Verve’s hazy psychedelic A Storm in Heaven. Richard Ashcroft has a face that even a mother would say “you’ve got mostly your father in ya” so he wouldn’t grace the mags as often as sexy Jarvis Cocker or […]

Four Great Bands From Scotland

“It’s SHITE being Scottish!” or so says Trainspotting’s star, Renton. But perhaps we shouldn’t trust someone riled up on heroin, Ewen McGregor or not. After all, all these bands are Scottish: Frightened Rabbit This band was first described to me as writing “folk ballads for alcoholics” which is still the most accurate description of their […]

The Best Supergrass Albums

Supergrass was one of the most unfairly overlooked gems of the britpop era. Best known for their energetic pop songs, like most britpop acts their later albums showed a more mature and intricate sound. Of course, when it comes to Supergrass their immaturity was a big part of their charm. Here are their five best […]

Top 10 Supergrass Songs

With their debut album, I Should Coco, coming out when most of the band was only 19, Supergrass embodied the youthful energy of the Britpop movement more than just about any other band. As they matured, they wrote some stellar introspective tracks that are just as good, but their standouts are still their catchy, fast-paced […]