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A promo shot of the band from oxford england - Ride

Ride – Manchester Albert Hall – May 23rd 2015

As the sun starts to descend on a sunny Manchester shards of light pierce through the windows of the Royal Albert Hall and illuminate the grand gothic interior of this beautiful venue, and it seems only fitting that a gig of this magnitude is held in such biblical surroundings, for tonight is the night that Mark […]

These Animal Men and S*M*A*S*H reunite for one off gig

It’s been quite a couple of years for reformations. The 20 year anniversary has seen bands from the mid 90’s taking full advantage of the milestone and coming together for one off shows or full band re-unions, but what with other commitments (musical or otherwise) and much water passing under the proverbial bridge the NWONW […]

5 wallet friendly festivals

Apollo Festival – York – Saturday 21st June Not so much a festival as a one day music bonanza, bur nevertheless, this fundraising is an absolute snip at £12 for adults and children under 12 just £1! All proceeds going to the Smiley Riley Fund and with artists already lined up this year such as […]

Manchester – 3 bars you must visit!

1 – Port Street Beer House – I have barely dropped off my luggage before I am hot footing it to this place. A right of passage for me and the husband and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Port Street Beer House is a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ affair. Tucked away in the […]

Mod shoes – This summers guide to loafing

There’s a huge question mark over the loafer, retro or rubbish? Cutting edge or over the top? Whatever camp you fall into, the loafer has been, well, loafing for decades. From the Small Faces to Madness. Weller to Gallagher. The notable style has always been championed but never more in the mainstream than now. The […]

Derek – Series 2

I was never a huge fan of Gervais. The Office was undeniable genius but everything after that seemed to be a pale pastiche of his previous character. His stand up I could take or leave, moments of unique hilarity ruined by unnecessary crassness. So when I heard he was going to play a man with […]