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It’s happening again! The rumour mill has gone into overdrive this afternoon as the picture of the iconic lemons over Wembley’s famous arches circulated around social media. Speculation has been rife as to whether or not the Manchester heroes will be gigging again. It is now confirmed that the Roses will indeed play 3 dates […]

Blur – Leisure – 25th Anniversary vinyl re-issue

We all love a re-issue, and the past couple of years (and couple of years to come) have been and will be littered with them. I have purchased a few and have a few lined up, but each one is procured with a ritualistic moment of reflection. I say reflection, it’s more like a day […]

Supersonic – The Documentary

  It’s what all Oasis fans have been waiting for. Even non-fans are aware of the tumultuous relationship between Liam and Noel, the spats that left other band members seemingly walk from the line-up, the iconic gigs that drew crowds of thousands and left us with some of the most talked about backstage antics of […]

Young stone roses picture

What the world is waiting for…..

The Roses loving public have been left guessing all day. With select outlets in Manchester being adorned with the iconic Roses lemons, it has left fans waiting with baited breath for an announcement. And so tonight it was revealed that the Manchester heroes will be hitting their home town for two dates in June 2016, […]

These Animal Men/S*M*A*SH – Heaven

It was with great trepidation I set foot into Heaven on Friday 11th September. Myself and the assemblage of Adidas clad NWONW fan girls and boys have waited 20 years for this evening. It’s a night that all of us have longed for, but not one of us believed would ever actually come into fruition. […]

Marblehead Johnson – Britpop tribute band to hit London

Marblehead Johnson are coming to London….   October 9th see’s one of the UK’s premier Britpop tribute bands hitting the Half Moon in Putney. Marblehead Johnson are keeping the Britpop flame well and truly alive in a show packed with Britpop favourites, fuelled with a passion for the era combined with genuine talent. The music […]

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Britpop reunion tour – who would you want to see?

It’s been mused over for years. If the Woolies bargain bin pop fodder from the 90’s have managed to scrape together a line up and market what appears to have been a shockingly successful 90’s reunion tour, then surely the Britpop revival is a no brainer? There are bound to be reasons as to why […]

Mixtape memories

You fell in love with someone, you made a mixtape. You fell out of love with someone, you made a mixtape. You felt miserable, you made a mixtape. You felt happy, you made a mixtape. This was the 90’s. We didn’t have the luxury of Twitter giving us the platform to steal our loved ones […]