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Arctic Monkey’s R U Mine Is Surprisingly Not That Bad!

I have to admit when I saw the title of this track I said to myself this has to be utter garbage. The Arctic Monkeys have released enough music to reach the point of tossing up a few stinkers right? Just look at Paul Mccartney and Wings! I’m KIDDING. To be honest most of my hate is directed at the R and U in the tracks title. Grammarnazism’s aside please continue to type however you want I’ll judge you all the same, but I’m a little over the “U” for the word YOU thing. In some ways I understand AFAIK (short for As far as I know.) is quite a bit to type out, but this is “you” we’re talking about. Is it really that hard to type “you”?  Are you in such an enormous hurry you can’t type this out? Ugh. This world.

This song, however, is surprisingly good! So happy times for that! Yay for this world! Just listen for yourself and leave some comments like “u r stupid”.

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