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Appealing Adventure Apps

When it comes to travelling, you have to factor in a few things, such as what you’re going to wear, where to stay and most importantly, how to get around once you get there. So has come up with a list of the six best apps to use when you go exploring.

#1: UK Train Times

Organising your method of travel can be a pain, especially when it’s train times because one wrong move could leave you stranded at a station in the middle of nowhere for hours

That’s where the UK Train Times app comes in, for the low price of £4.99 it features a real-time journey planner that shows departure and arrival schedules of UK trains in real-time. With an ability to show where the nearest station is, UK Train Times is a must-have app for anyone planning on going by rails.

2010-07-08_A319_BA_G-EUOI_EDDF_01#2: British Airways

If trains aren’t your thing and you’d rather be more direct, British Airways have released their own app that promises to make booking and boarding a breeze.

This free app features easy to access information about all upcoming flights from departure times to gate numbers;italso stores the mobile version of your boarding pass in just one simple tap. There’s also book what seats you’ll have in advance using your mobile instead of having to trek to a travel agents. For those who love to fly, this is an app that will jet you off to success.

#3: Hotel Booker

Travel is just one stage of your trip; the other is finding a place to stay. Most just stay in a travel lodge since it’s easier to organise, but those who use the Hotel Booker app will find accommodation quick and easily.

With over 200,000 hotels worldwide to choose from, this free app displays the best price available, so you only pay you what you want for a place to stay. Hotel rooms can be booked quickly using the app, but should you not like the place you’re staying in, simply use the “Hotels near me” function to instantly find other selections of hotels nearby.

#4: Next Buses

After travel and accommodation are dealt with, the next part is how are you going to get around  once you get to your destination, the easy answer is with this app. For just 69 pence, Next Buses gives you real-time departure times of buses near your location and what stops are nearby. With this fantastic app, you’ll no longer be one of those people that run after the bus yelling “STOP!”

#5: Big Fish Casino

Once you finally get moving in your chosen method of transport there’s only so much staring out of the window you can do before it gets boring. Mobile casino apps is the most logical choice for staving off those boredom blues and the best gaming you can do is one that gets you money. That’s where Big Fish Casino comes in; this free app comes with a selection of beautifully designed slot machines to play with. Big Fish is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Visit this site for more information about mobile slots

#6: Around Me

Last but not least comes what you choose to do with your time when you arrive at your destination. Just use AroundMe, this free app shows a list of business in your nearby area from restaurants to movie theatres and directions on how to get there.