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Apparently Some People Don’t Know Blur (Or The Stone Roses)


I get that you may not know The Stone Roses. They didn’t achieve mass success like a Coldplay, Oasis, or even Blur so to ask “who” I think is fine and appropriate for some. For me and my circle (many of who don’t like Britpop) they do at least know of the band in that they’ve heard the name before. It’s a fairly striking name and kind of sticks out. However, to clown about people liking them because you are too lazy to simply look them up and (MAYBE LIKE SOMETHING NEW TO YOUR EARS)..well then..I just don’t know.

And for the person who says who are Blur..Come on..I think at the very least “Blur” is in the general music knowledge database, don’t you think?

Here are some choice tweets that the site put together and thanks to Michael on Twitter for alerting us.

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