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These Animal Men Vs. Twitter


It’s been 18 years since the original line up of These Animal Men were all together in the same room.

It’s been less than 18 months since Flawed Is Beautiful, the film diarising the rise and fall of the NWONW scene, came into fruition.

Getting all four original members together proved taxing. Had you asked director Adam Foley 9 months ago whether this would ever have been an eventuality, his answer would have been ‘no’. It’s true that time is a healer, but the somewhat cathartic nature of the film and the processes that Adam has gone through to bring it all together have enabled past ghosts to be laid to rest. Seeing the bands history through cleared air serves only to highlight the impact that they had on music, and indeed the impact the music had on the band.

Foley has taken this labour of love to new levels. Equipped with the most rudimentary knowledge of film making he has seen his brainchild go from strength to strength. Ex band members input coupled with fans personal recollections have added a rare personal touch to what could easily have become just another hour of Britpop rhetoric.

On September 19th Adam travelled to Brighton where he met up with the band. Apprehension and excitement being the words of the day as fans and band came together for an hour of Twitter questions that have remained un-answered for the best part of two decades.

Obvious question aside, the response from fans was heart-warming, and the enthusiasm from the band was only super ceded by the out pouring of love, admiration and respect for the band and the records, something that sadly has hit home almost 20 years too late.

And now there’s only four of us, and no one knows what that means but, we do”…

If you missed it, get the Tweet by Tweet account of the night on Storify.

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