Pretty Green

An Introduction To Shed 7

Today i’ll give you an introduction to the York based band Shed Seven! This is because you need to know these guys in order to earn the badge on your Britpoppper jacket. If you liked Oasis you most likely found your way to them. For whatever reason they were mentioned either well or poorly in comparison. So In case you haven’t heard of them I’ll run down from the start of their career to the “end” of it for all intent and purposes. For the most part their mainstream career lasted 3 albums, but you could make a case for 5. At least the band would and there’s no offense meant to the last albums they did but they kind of fell off the greater musical map as did the Britpop/Britrock scene. We know this though. The good news is they’re still around and you can find them here if you like what you see (you probably will – they’re quite good). I can’t speak much to the most recent output to say if it’s as good quality as their second album “Maximum high” or  third album “Let it ride” but i’m sure there are a few good gems to find. In that regard here are a few good tracks to get to know the Shed’s starting from the beginning.

Dolphin – Live from TOTP off of their first album “Change Giver”

Getting Better – Album version from Maximum high

She left me on Friday – from Let it ride.


If you liked what you heard (you will) congrats you can now call yourself: A shedhead.