Pretty Green

New Music Monday: Jake Bugg

Chances are you may have already heard of Jake Bugg as he has been plugged by Noel Gallagher and even opened for Beady Eye so to say that he’s new is a few months behind on my part. His album was released and placed #1 on the charts so there is that too – if you care about that. You can listen to some of his songs here, but essentially he’s what Lee Mavers of the La’s could have been, or a more modern day version of a Hank Williams and Noel Gallagher lovechild. At the age of 18 we’re at the point where the children who were born in the 90’s had only lived with Oasis songs a la the artic monkeys and it’s becoming interesting to see the influence they had upon music. The two Jake Bugg tracks to keep an eye on are Lightning Bolt and Two Fingers. If you make your way into his other songs you may find a few hit or miss tracks depending on your tastes. To say he’s a refreshing sound on music is really putting it mildly.  What do you think? Do you like these songs?