Pretty Green Preview of Suede’s Bloodsports is now offering a preview of the entire new Suede album, Bloodsports. We’ve already heard some of the tracks in full — “Barriers,” “For the Strangers,” “It Starts And Ends With You,” “Sabotage” — so it’s nice to get snippets of the rest of the album. The preview certainly has me eagerly awaiting the album’s release on March 19! And yes, we all hate the “London” Suede moniker but as we previously reported here on Britpop News, the fact that Bloodsports is getting a North American release is huge. Let us know what you think of the Bloodsports preview in the comments!

*Note: Some of the tracks on the Amazon page seem to be mislabeled with incorrect song titles, so be mindful.

*Hat tip to the Suede fan blog, Sci-fi Lullabies.

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